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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction
CLL aluminum compound sealing spacer for IG---(Click to the details)
    CLL aluminum-frame type insulating glass spacer is a kind of bold innovation based on TRUSPACER spacer, perfect combination of aluminum strip and spacer bringing more beautiful spacer and stronger support, together with unique patent design and excellent quality topping the world, making CLL spacer the ideal choice for making insulating glass.           Features     1)The glass looks more beautiful with the aluminum strip on surface, and the app...  
A new type of Chuanglilai compound sealing spacer for IG---(Click to the details)
It is appeared with our nearly five years’ independent research, on the base of Jinyu sealing spacer, we have made a big amount of improvement and innovation、this product keeps the advantages and overcomes the shortages of the traditional sealing spacer and fills up the blank of our country and is in the leading place within the country. Its quality is much higher than the traditional sealant and reaches to the international level; this is a revolutionary progress in the manufacture of Insulatin  
Jinyu® Compound Sealing Spacer for IG ---(Click to the details)
It is a compound of high quality butyl, macromolecule adhesive, desiccant and continuous corrugated aluminum strip. The technology of this product is the most simple in the world, it is a insulating glass production method which is easy to control the quality. Mainfeatures of Jinyu insulating glass:(1)High insulation:heat conductivity K is less than 3.0(2)High noise insulation: outdoor noise can be reduced 30 dB(3)Good Anti-frost and condensation properties:dew point up to -40 degrees(4)Warm edgeseparateds...  
Introduction of Jinyubrush hairs for windows & doors---(Click to the details)
Introduction of product:It is mixture of high-quality polypropylene and silicon polypropylene yarn and polypropylene film, its design is unique. The product has passed the inspection ofthe National Construction Inspection Centre, it isapplied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaner, such as high-grade sealing products. Features:lDensity of 1250 hairs/cm2 keeps a good seal performance.lSilicon PP hair and PP tape completely keep the water outside.lThe unique protect wings prop up the brush h...  
Introduction of Jinyu single-componenthot melt adhesive for insulating glass---(Click to the details)
Brief introductionSingle-component hot melt adhesive for IG,at ordinary temperatures, it is solid elastic body with a littleglutinosity, it isgreen,and it has superior adhesive strength on glass,aluminum and stainless steel, good ability of separating moisture. it only needs single-channel sealing for the problem of insulating glass sealing, also can save labor and improve production efficiency so that cut the costs down and shorten the delivery time,reduce sealing failure rate, it is one of the best manufacturing ...  
Introduction of Zhucheng Butyl waterproof tape---(Click to the details)
Features of Truspacer waterproof sealing tape are sealed、waterproof、anti-high temperature up to 80 degrees、low temperature up to -40 degrees and also superior adhesive strength, it can replace adhesive in many building waterproof. In contrast, it has more features. Such as, dry construction, no waiting, and short building period, easy construction, simple procedures, not subject to operator proficiency, absolute guarantee of adhesive thickness, more suitable for the joints of buildings, bet...  
Introduction of Jinyuhot melt butyl adhesive---(Click to the details)
Brief introduction Hot melt butyl adhesive is a kind of solvent-freesealing material which is made of good-quality butyl adhesive and polyethylene,it has strong function ofsplicing and sealing for glass, aluminum and stainless steel etc. It has characteristics of no cracking, no stiffening, goodmoisture-resistance and good performance to separate water vapor, so it is the best material used to make the first sealing while manufacturing double-sealing insulating glass.  Features: ●GoodAnti-UV●Strong...  

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