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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--Introduction of Jinyuhot melt butyl adhesive
  Brief introduction
Hot melt butyl adhesive is a kind of solvent-freesealing material which is made of good-quality butyl adhesive and polyethylene,it has strong function ofsplicing and sealing for glass, aluminum and stainless steel etc. It has characteristics of no cracking, no stiffening, goodmoisture-resistance and good performance to separate water vapor, so it is the best material used to make the first sealing while manufacturing double-sealing insulating glass.

●Strong function ofsealing for glass, aluminum and stainless steel
●Superior splicing
●No flowing in 100℃high temperature, no stiffening and cracking in -40℃low temperature
● Clean the aluminum strip for backup
●Put the hot melt butyl adhesiveinto cylinder and heat up to110℃-120℃, after the temperature is constant, make sure that adhesive strip’s is well-distributed and consistent then smear adhesive strip onto thealuminum strip slot. When adhesive becomes cooler and press it in clean glass to produce the semi-finished product ofinsulating glass. After smearing sealing adhesive on thelayerand adhesive become solid, insulating glass is made.
● Before making double-layers insulating glass,do an experiment on thecompatibility of the double-layers sealing adhesive in order to extend insulating glass life.

We could produce products according to the needs of yours.
Your hands must be clean when you takehot melt butyl adhesive in order to prevent the dust、oil stain and solvent (e.g., gas and acetone) adhering to the surface of the adhesive. You can wear gloves without lint dropping when we smear adhesive. Be careful for scalds while touching hot adhesive and make surethe gloves are clean and no raw edges or other contaminations.
Used for the first sealing of double channel aluminum sealing for insulating glass.
Diameter of bucket packing is from 120mm to 180mm , weight is from 4kg to 6kg .
Storage and transportation
●Able to transport as non-dangerous goods
●Stored indoor , keep clean and dry (hot melt butyl adhesive)


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