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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--Introduction of Jinyu single-componenthot melt adhesive for insulating glass

Brief introduction
Single-component hot melt adhesive for IG,at ordinary temperatures, it is solid elastic body with a littleglutinosity, it isgreen,and it has superior adhesive strength on glass,aluminum and stainless steel, good ability of separating moisture. it only needs single-channel sealing for the problem of insulating glass sealing, also can save labor and improve production efficiency so that cut the costs down and shorten the delivery time,
reduce sealing failure rate, it is one of the best manufacturing technologies for insulating glass.

●After solid heating melting, it has superior adhesive strength on glass, aluminum and white steel.
●Good sealing performance, the rate of vapor seeking is less than one sixtieth of polysulfide adhesive.
●Short-time solidification
●Due to single-channel sealing cut down cumbersome process of dual-channel sealing IG, so that it improves production efficiency, shortens delivery time, reduces costs greatly.
●reusable, no waste, the hot meltadhesive from broken insulating glass is also reusable.

First ,Special hot melt adhesive machineis melt by heating, then use it to paint the painting place, a minute later, the melted adhesive is cool and shaped, then deliver and install.
● Control temperature well (110---140degrees)
● Adhesive painting place must be continuously uniform, couldn’t have gaps and disconnect.
● the thickness of adhesive must meet the requirements
Manufacturing insulating glass for building windows、train windows and doors、Refrigerator doors and windows, buses.
Gray, black
Storage and transportation
● This product cantransport as non-dangerous goods.
● Stored in the door, keep clean、dry(single-component hot melt adhesive)


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