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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--Introduction of Jinyubrush hairs for windows & doors

Introduction of product:
It is mixture of high-quality polypropylene and silicon polypropylene yarn and polypropylene film, its design is unique. The product has passed the inspection ofthe National Construction Inspection Centre, it isapplied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaner, such as high-grade sealing products.

lDensity of 1250 hairs/cm2 keeps a good seal performance.
lSilicon PP hair and PP tape completely keep the water outside.
lThe unique protect wings prop up the brush hairs, and make them much stronger
lAll the hairs have been silicon oiled, which make them more flexible, and prop up the
abilities of water resistant, anti-aging, anti-abrasion and anti-UV.
lThe board is made of high quality PP, which is good in anti-aging and acts very well in low temperature.

White Silicide

Black Silicide

lAll types of Jinyu brush hairs are processed by UV, these hairs can withstand the test of any bad weather.After special silicon process, the hairs have functions of waterproofing and anti-aging. Low friction, high strength, durability, these three features are the most important quality element for Jinyu brush hairs.



Silicon, silicon with tape, single fabric,
Board width: 4mm—30mm; hair length: 3mm—30mm
Shape: Flat, X-shape, special-shape
Color: light brown, light blue, pure black, pure white.
Usage: plastic windows & doors, aluminum alloy windows & doors, stainless windows&
doors, glass fiber windows & doors, vehicle, furniture, electrical appliance.

Jinyu brush hairs with film
This product puta layer of plastic film into the hairs, completely isolating the circulations of dust and air, improving sealing effect over 5 times, reducing friction and increasing durability.



Jinyu single fabric brush hairs
It is a kind of special straight hairs, it is composed of single fabric, especially suitable for sealing of large gaps whose surfaces are irregular, such as screens、rotating windows blinds, etc..

Jinyufabric reinforcing brush hairs
It is a kind of special straight hairs, mixing 10% single fabric with the hairs to enhance strength, especiallysuitable for sealing of large gaps whose surfaces are irregular, such as rotating windows、blinds, etc..




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