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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--Jinyu® Compound Sealing Spacer for IG

It is a compound of high quality butyl, macromolecule adhesive, desiccant and continuous corrugated aluminum strip. The technology of this product is the most simple in the world, it is a insulating glass production method which is easy to control the quality.

Mainfeatures of Jinyu insulating glass:
(1)High insulation:heat conductivity K is less than 3.0
(2)High noise insulation: outdoor noise can be reduced 30 dB
(3)Good Anti-frost and condensation properties:dew point up to -40 degrees
(4)Warm edgeseparatedstrip: reduce the glass edge of the condensate
(5)Life expectancy is longer: the amount ofdesiccant in the strip is well controlled to make its life could up to be 30 years

Mainfeatures of sealing spacer:
(1)Good sealing: longer anti-vapor barrier, the vapor is hard to go in.
(2)Higher production efficiency: a team of six-person can manufacture insulating glass 600 square meters
(3)Jinyu tape can bend freely, making all shapes of heterotypic insulating glass
(4) Insulating glass made of Jinyu sealing spacer don’t need corners
(in the producing procedure of traditional insulating glass is very weak)



Ordinary Sealing Spacer


High molecular adhesive and the plus adhesive ensure a perfect airproof quality.
The design of central aluminum strip increases the ability of separating moisture.

Big cartonsensures tape intact, reducing joint, avoiding seal failure.

Anti-high temperature
High molecular adhesive improved the ability of anti-high temperature and anti-moisture

Anti-low temperature
High-quality mixer supply confined mixing process to desiccant andbutyl, so it ensures insulating glass doesn’tcondensate in -40 degrees.
3A molecular sieve only absorb vapor and keep the glass dry longer.

High molecular material, age resister、UV absorber、shielding agent, these components effectively withstand severe environmental attacks.

Jinyu butyl sealant has sticking effect on glass, also has transmission-resisting effect on moisture, in the progress of producing insulating glass, butyl sealant can protectdesiccant, so that effectively make the life of insulating glass longer.

Well-controlled producing progress:
Jinyu sealant removes many artificial production procedures from the trough of aluminum insulating glass in producing process such as irrigating molecular sieve,extruding butyl, assembling, painting polysulfide, it makes productionfailure rate much lower than aluminum insulating glass.

This product has passed the JB/T11944-2002 standard by Qinhuangdao National Inspection Center .

 Two-color Sealing Spacer


Scope of application:

※Insulating glass, art glass, traffic tools, furniture, heat preservation, refrigeration

※ The whole life of strip is the same with doors and windows’.
1) Small plate package: 30meter a plate, use freely, fit forSmall batch production
2) Big rolls package: 300meter to 500meter a roll, guaranteeing strip intact, saving costs, reducing joints, effectively avoid failing to seal, fitting for small batch production.




Product type
※ common type
※ black and white color

Shaft packing

Volume Packaging

6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14 #15# 16#

※Pure black , black and gray

Construction Express, high efficiency

Environmental protection
It’s green without any toxic and harmful substances on the human body



Concave Sealing Spacer



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