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  Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--CLL aluminum compound sealing spacer for IG

    CLL aluminum-frame type insulating glass spacer is a kind of bold innovation based on TRUSPACER spacer, perfect combination of aluminum strip and spacer bringing more beautiful spacer and stronger support, together with unique patent design and excellent quality topping the world, making CLL spacer the ideal choice for making insulating glass.





    1)The glass looks more beautiful with the aluminum strip on surface, and the appearance meeting the requirements for aluminum-frame type insulating glass, significantly improving its level.

    2)The ageing-resistant performance remarkably enhances. The aluminum strip on surface effectively resists the ultraviolet irradiation, reinforcing the ageing-resistant performance of the spacer to a large extent.

    3)Simple operation makes higher production efficiency. Adopting CLL spacer can take the place of complex processing procedure of traditional aluminum-frame type insulation glass.





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